SFLN UX Design & Web Development Project


In 2018, I was selected by SFLN /D4CDB to work with IT and the digital marketing team to improve the user experience and aesthetic of multiple websites for their affiliated dental brands in North America including Specialists in Orthodontics. Using UX best practice and processes, I co-launched 16+ sites for their numerous orthodontic and pediatric dental offices. The result was a more informative, user-friendly site for each brand. Patients and families’ interactions with these brands increased after details on services and location were designed according to research and surveys. D4C is the fastest growing dental support organization in the United States. *Presentation features slides of the end product only as the process, wireframes, med-fi and comparative analysis are owned by D4C and not for public view.

UX Design Overview for SFLN and D4C 2018

Other projects completed: D4C Intranet 2.0 project – UX research and design, D4C Digital Newsletter – a website for employees and doctor highlights

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