“Andye is a guru when it comes to navigating social strategy. Andye worked really hard to introduce and maintain social sponsorships for Turner International and Espanol. I’m happy that I was able to spend time with her to better understand how important social media is beyond daily posting; there’s a profitable method to each platform. Andye is creative, dedicated and full of profitable ideas, many of which were used by her team and management. I hope I get to work with her again.” – Nathalie Dortonne, CNNI Alumna and Directors’ Assistant Come Sunday, Joshua Marston film

“I met Andye at Turner Broadcasting, specifically while working at CNN International, when the broadcast medium was undergoing a significant transition with the integration of digital media. She was integral in the promotion and implementation of digital content, social media strategies, and social sponsorship. In an effort to fulfill her goal of producing successful social media initiatives, she reached out to me to assist in coordinating meetings to fulfill the fundamental planning needs. Her effortless organization, thoroughness, and preparedness made it easy for me to provide the bare essentials on my end. Andye’s constant drive and determination resulted in social content becoming a staple for her department. It’s definitely paid off for the network. Cheers Andye!” -Rudyra McBain, Atlanta Media, David Bowie ATL

“Andye is an incredibly dedicated supporter of the dance and cultural community in Atlanta. She’s a fantastic advocate, voice and supporter. She constantly challenging people’s assumptions about many things but also champions the community and the people dedicated to making it grow and prosper.” – Laurel Gosnell, Art & Creative Direction Atlanta

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