International Business & Cultural Exchange

The International Business & Cultural Exchange is a network of enterprises. Here’s a list of those our media team recommends and or supports. Find out more about them by visiting their sites.

Arrested Development (band)
Atlanta Fusion (Raqs Sharqi – cultural dance)
Clock N Flow (Model Coaching)
DelaQ (Music)
Global Beat Events with DJ Amix
Ghar Ka Khana(restaurant)

Indigo Dance Evolution Academy
Jonathan Livnat (real estate)
Lips Atlanta (theatrical dining)
Naturals by Nefi (Spa Treatments at home)
Sable’s School of Bellydance and Drum
Samba Diallo (African Dance Choreographer from Cote D’ivoire)
Shimmy by Saniyah (cultural dance)Tasha LaRae (musician)
Tears for Fears’ Travel Fans
Yola’s Kitchen (cultured catering)

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